Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Writer's Digest Webinar Event

Authors, you're invited to attend my Writer's Digest webinar, Abandon Your Outline and Elevate Your Novelon Tuesday, December 16th, at 1pm. Those who register for the live event will receive an ebook version of my book Story Trumps Structure. I hope you can join us.


In this eye-opening live webinar, both aspiring and accomplished authors will learn the advantages of ditching their outlines, why they should stop trying to plot out their stories, how to trust the writing process, and how to develop their fiction organically rather than mechanically.

This is far different than “seat-of-the-pants” writing. It's all about delving into a deeper understanding of the essence of story, embracing the expectations of your readers, and asking the right questions to help shape the story.
Formulas and templates can only take you so far and, all too often, they end up straightjacketing stories. But how can you really write a powerful, cohesive, emotionally-gripping story without plotting it out first? Is it even possible? Yes it is. And this webinar will teach you how.


  • 3 questions that will solve every “plot problem” you'll ever have 
  • How vital, underlying narrative forces work together to drive your story forward 
  • Why context determines content and how it shapes every scene you write
  • 5 easy-to-implement steps to organizing scene ideas without using an outline 
  • Practical steps to adding a twist to your story 
  • Specific ways to listen to and respond to your story as it unfolds 
  • The core ingredients that will improve every story


  • Writers tired of following formulas and plot templates 
  • Writers looking for a fresh approach to understanding what makes a story work 
  • Aspiring novelists intimidated by the idea of outlining an entire novel
  • Accomplished novelists who would like to expand their storytelling depth
  • Novelists with great ideas but no direction 
  • “Seat-of-the-pants” writers looking for practical tips 
  • Writers who would rather spend time writing a story than plotting one out
  • Writers who've written themselves into a corner 
  • Writers trying to reconnect with the joy of creativity 
  • Writers who want to add twists to their stories