Thursday, May 1, 2014

Story Trumps Structure Is Now Available

I am pleased to announce that my book 
on the craft of novel writing
Story Trumps Structure 
is now available. 
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Don't Limit Your Fiction—Liberate It

All too often, following the “rules” of writing can constrict rather than inspire you. With Story Trumps Structure, you can shed those rules—about three-act structure, rising action, outlining, and more—to craft your most powerful, emotional, and gripping stories.

Award-winning novelist Steven James explains how to trust the narrative process to make your story believable, compelling, and engaging, and debunks the common myths that hold writers back from creating their best work.

• Ditch your outline and learn to write organically.
• Set up promises for readers—and deliver on them.
• Discover how to craft a satisfying climax.
• Master the subtleties of characterization.
• Add mind-blowing twists to your fiction.

When you focus on what lies at the heart of story—tension, desire, crisis, escalation, struggle, discovery—rather than plot templates and formulas, you’ll begin to break out of the box and write fiction that resonates with your readers. Story Trumps Structure will transform the way you think about stories and the way you write them, forever.


“Steven James is the best teacher I’ve ever worked with. I’ve been keenly awaiting Story Trumps Structure since I first heard it was coming out. Like Steven’s lectures, the book is an invaluable resource for aspiring authors and published novelists alike.”
—Robert Dugoni, New York Times best-selling author of The Jury Master

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